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Check out GymRatz Performance weekly training calendar and upcoming camps & clinics.  The GymRatz Coaches have played professionally and have traveled nationally and internationally, teaching their innovative training philosophy.  Our Professional Skills Trainers have also worked with world-class athletes including Dwight Howard, Chandler Parsons, DeShawn Stevenson and many more.  It's time for you to add your name to the list! If you're ready to get to work, contacts us ASAP to get started!


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Interested in training with GymRatz Performance but still unsure of what you'll be getting? Check out our YouTube and Video Page to see what to expect by joining the GymRatz Fam! Everything from basic footwork to advanced ball handling and shooting technique; there isn't an aspect of the game that we ignore.  We pride ourselves in total player development, mentally and physically; GymRatz Performance mission and passion is to provide intangible and tangible skills to assist athletes in achieving their goals both on and off the court!