AAU Terms & Conditions

Player Contract

The Athlete promises to give 100% this season to the coaches, teammates and parents/guardians that made it possible to participate. The Athlete promises to bring a positive attitude to each practice, scrimmage or game. The Athlete understands that AAU basketball is a commitment and players are expected to honor the commitment by attending all practices and games. The Athlete realizes that it is a privilege to play basketball at this level and will not abuse this by taking it for granted. The Athlete understands that violation of these rules as laid out on the Player Code of Conduct page can result in lack of playing time.

** If for some reason a player is unable to attend a practice or game, we expect the player or parent to notify the coaches at least a day before the practice or game.

Code of Conduct

  • In practice and at games, we are a TEAM and we will work hard together, play hard together and support each other.
  • During practices – if any coach is talking, balls go down on the floor and eyes go up to the coach. Anyone who can’t follow the rules, the entire team will run or do push ups.
  • We are a team and we will win as a team and we will lose as a team. We need to COMMUNICATE, both during practice and during games.
  • Listen to the coaches and trust their decisions. Please do not talk back or be disrespectful in any way, be that verbally or through negative body language. The coaches are here to help you succeed and get better.
  • Do not complain about playing time. Instead, Athlete will work harder to earn it.
  • Bring 100% effort to every practice and game. By not doing this, the Athlete is not only
  • letting their coaches and teammates down, but also themselves
  • Care about teammates. Do not develop/participate in cliques.  If anyone falls down, teammate or opponent, check on them and help them up.
  • Do not worry about how many points you score or any other statistical categories. Instead, concentrate on how the team performs.
  • Bring an open mind to practice every day. Understand that the more you learn, the better you will become.
  • Be on time to practices and games. Realize that it’s important to be early. Contact coaches if you feel you may be late.
  • Failure to make the practice directly preceding a game/tournament will have a direct impact on playing time for the next game (ie – you will not start the next game and may sit the entire 1st half of said game)
  • Pick up teammates, do not put them down. Understand the importance of being a great teammate.

Parent Contract

The Parent/Guardian will fully support the coach and coaching staff this throughout the Season. The parent/guardian understands that he/she will not coach from the sidelines, question the coach’s decisions, complain about playing time, or display any other negative actions that could affect the development of not only their child but the rest of the team. The parent/guardian is fully aware that he/she represents the entire GymRatz organization as does their child. He/she will be respectful during games and let the coaches handle the referees and any on court situations.

The parent/guardian gives the coach their full support to run the team the way he/she sees fit. The parent/guardian will follow the chain of command with any problem that may occur and respect the 24hr rule (ie – if you have a problem with a decision the coaches have made or your child’s playing time, you will wait 24hrs before contacting the coach(es). The parent/guardian will abide by these rules and make sure that their child abides by the players contract and code of conduct.  The parent/guardian is aware that lack of participation in practice can affect their child’s playing time.

The parent/guardian fully understands that any and all payment is non-refundable, regardless of the circumstance.  The moment you accept a roster spot, another athlete loses a roster spot and is cut from the program.  No exceptions, including injuries, will be considered. Breach of this contract could result in their child being removed from the team.

** If for some reason a player is unable to attend a practice or game, we expect the player and/or
parent to notify the coaches at least a day before the practice or game

By participating in GymRatz AAU, the Parent/Guardian has read, acknowledged and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in 'GymRatz Participant Info & Liability Waiver', as well as submitted the form, located HERE (www.GymRatzPerformance.com/waiver)