Private Training

*To schedule Private Training, text us at 845-649-3818 with your name, athlete's name, and weekly availability.  We will respond with specific times we have available on the days you indicated.


 1-on-1 training

During 1-on-1 sessions, the trainer is hands-on with the player to further enhance strengths as well as improve on weaker areas of the player's game.  There is ONE goal with all of our training: Improved in-game performance.

$75 per session | $280 for 4 sessions | $520 for 8 sessions

partner-private training

During 2-on-1 sessions, the trainer is hands-on with the players to further enhance strengths as well as improve on weaker areas of the player's game, but similar to the Semi-Private setting, there is a competitive element you don't get in the Private Setting that you get with the Partner-Private Setting. This is a great alternative to siblings and/or friends, with parents still looking for a personal, more cost-effective private training option.

$50 per session per athlete | $190 for 4 sessions per athlete | $360 for 8 sessions per athlete


Similar to our Private & Partner-Private training with an added competitive element, 3-6 athletes, all with similar skill-sets, train and compete together. A unique and specific regimen is developed targeting each athlete's strengths and weaknesses, maximizing skill-development and enhancing in-game performance.

$40 per session | $150 for 4 sessions

Group Training


Public Groups

Separated by Age & Skill Level, these sessions are fast-paced, intense and high-energy.  Our groups focus on ball-handling as well as shooting and lay-up footwork.  Depending on the focus of the group, game-play is often implemented to help skills from that days session translate to in-game performance.

$25 walk-in per athlete | $75 per month

Handle-The-Rock Groups

There isn't an aspect of ball-handling that we don't cover during these sessions.  Hand-speed, ball-control, dribble strength, body-control, balance, footwork, body positioning, off-hand activity, eye-placement, reaction and counters, and the list goes on. Our goal is for each athlete to get 1,000 touches on the basketball during the 1-hour session.

$25 walk-in per athlete | $75 per month


Unlike other trainers, we specialize in every position on the floor.  Our trainers resume includes working with NBA Superstar and arguably the best post player in the world, Dwight Howard, NBA Champion and Forward DeShawn Stevenson, NBA Star and Small Forward Chandler Parsons, Overseas Sensation and Icelandic Player of the Year, Guard of the Year and Import Player of the year Stefan Bonneau and MANY MORE!

$25 walk-in per athlete | $75 per month

Team Training

The GymRatz team and your coaching staff will discuss what's best for your entire team.  We talk about offensive and defensive strategies as well as the team's strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to create a training regimen that will help build and polish the skills necessary to excel within the style and system of your program.

$20 per player, minimum of 10 players | $600 for 4 sessions

Specialized Training


Speed, lateral quickness, vertical jump, and overall explosiveness will be tested and elevated as we strive to not only enhance skill, but overall athleticism at GymRatz Basketball Center.

$20 per session

*As of right now, GymRatz Speed & Explosion Program is SELF-RUN.

#Shooter Sessions

(Shooting Machine Rental)

Rent our Dr. Dish Shooting Machine to maximize your reps!  You can get 500+ shots in just 30 minutes or 1,000+ shots in 1-hour. The Dr. Dish not only maximizes your reps, but it also reinforces proper arc on your shot while rebounding for you.  Pair the Dr. Dish with #CoachNoah, the Noah Basketball System, to further enhance your shooting experience and build the proper muscle memory to shoot the same shot every time!

1-hour sessions: $50 per session | $180 for 4 sessions

30-minute sessions: $30 per session | $100 for 4 sessions

*The Noah Basketball System has an annual $25 membership fee to create and maintain your personal profile.  For more details on #CoachNoah, CLICK HERE.

Camps & Clinics

Annual CAMPS/Clinics*

All-inclusive camps including ball-handling, footwork, shooting, attacking the basket, defense, and much more.  Each 1-5 day camp/clinic is unique in its own way as we feature some of the world's best basketball gear and training products such as Point 3 Basketball and POWERHANDZ.  We'll also fly in some of the nation's top trainers and talent to provide a one-of-a-kind training experience. Visit our CAMPS page to see all the camps & clinics we are currently offering!

*GymRatz Basketball Performance is available to host a clinic in your hometown! Contact US to find out how we can set up an Official GymRatz event in your city! #BALLisLIFESTYLE