Thursday Footwork & Finishing (ages 13+)


Thursday Footwork & Finishing (ages 13+)

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Our THURSDAY FOOTWORK & FINISHING class will focus on the bi-product of an attack to the basket. Getting downhill is one thing, but applying good fundamentals and FOOTWORK around the rim help increase productivity while FINISHING. Why start something you can’t FINISH?


  • DAY: Every Thursday

  • TIME: 7:00-8:00PM (Ages 13+)

  • LOCATION: 1723 State Route 17A Florida, NY 10921

  • DURATION: Monthly

*Walk-ins always welcome; no need to pre-register. If you would like to commit to this class, or ANY of our classes on a weekly basis, review and sign-up for one of our MEMBERSHIPS!

  • Rookie Membership includes ONE group per week: $75 per month

  • All-Star Membership includes TWO groups per week: $125 per month

  • MVP Membership includes UNLIMITED GROUPS per week: $200 per month

All athletes who register acknowledge, accept and agree to GymRatz Participant Info & Liability Waiver. The form can be read, submitted and reviewed HERE.

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