Private Training


 1-on-1 training

Following an initial evaluation and assessment, one of our professional trainers will develop an individually-tailored performance progression utilizing our innovative F.I.T. model.  During 1-on-1 sessions, the trainer is hands-on with the player to further enhance strengths as well as improve on weaker areas of the player's game.  There is ONE goal with all of our training: Improved game-time performance.

semi-private training

Similar to our 1-on-1 training with an added competitive element, 2-5 athletes, all with similar skill-sets, train and compete together. Always utilizing our F.I.T. model, a unique and specific regimen is developed targeting each athlete's strengths and weaknesses, maximizing skill-development and enhancing in-game performance.

Group Training


Public Groups

Open to ALL players.  These sessions are fast-paced, intense and high-energy.  Our groups focus primarily on ball-handling as well as both shooting and lay-up footwork.  We occasionally offer competitions for prizes such as innovative basketball gear and FREE training!

Skill-Specific Groups

We keep the skill and competitive level similar throughout the gym in order to keep transition time from one drill to the next at a minimum.  This also allows us to progress at a steady pace as a unit.  Still dominated by ball-handling and footwork, we also implement 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 competitive segments during workouts.  We have the ability to continue enhancing drills to make them more challenging for the players as the group continues to improve.  Come to a group that matches your age, and if you are too skilled for the group we will invite you to the next age group!

Handle-The-Rock Groups

There isn't an aspect of ball-handling that we don't cover during these sessions.  Hand-speed, ball-control, dribble strength, body-control, balance, footwork, body positioning, off-hand activity, eye-placement, reaction and counters, and the list goes on. Our goal is for each athlete to get 1,000 touches on the basketball during the 1-hour session.


We keep the skill and competitive level similar throughout the gym as well as the position that each player plays for his/her team.  Unlike other trainers, we specialize in every position on the floor.  Our trainers resume includes working with NBA Superstar and arguably the best post player in the world, Dwight Howard, NBA Champion and Forward DeShawn Stevenson, NBA Star and Small Forward Chandler Parsons, Overseas Sensation and Icelandic Player of the Year, Guard or the Year and Import Player of the year Stefan Bonneau and MANY MORE!

Team Training

The GymRatz team and your coaching staff will discuss what's best for your entire team.  We talk about offensive and defensive strategies as well as the team's strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to create a training regimen that will help build and polish the skills necessary to excel within the style and system of your program.  

Specialized Training


Private Shooting Lessons

Our coaches specialize in shooting mechanics, rhythm, and motion to help improve your overall shooting percentage everywhere on the court.  We understand that every player's body is different and we're able to adjust the smallest details to help them become a consistent shooter.


Speed, lateral quickness, vertical jump, and overall explosiveness will be tested and elevated by following a strict workout regimen developed by GymRatz' Athletic Enhancement Specialist Coach Soto and Speed & Agility Expert Coach D.

Camps & Clinics

Annual CAMPS/Clinics*

All-inclusive camps including ball-handling, footwork, shooting, attacking the basket, defense, and much more.  Each 1-5 day camp/clinic is unique in its own way as we feature some of the world's best basketball gear and training products such as Point 3 Basketball and POWERHANDZ.  We'll also fly in some of the nation's top trainers and talent to provide a one-of-a-kind training experience.

*GymRatz Basketball Performance is available to host a clinic in your hometown! Contact US to find out how we can set up an Official GymRatz event in your city! #BALLisLIFESTYLE