Saturday & Sunday Skills Session


Saturday & Sunday Skills Session

from 60.00

Every weekend this Fall, GymRatz will be providing Skills Sessions to help prepare athletes for the upcoming basketball season. These skills sessions will be all-encompassing; reviewing ball handling, shooting, attacking the basket, passing, defense and much more! These classes run through September & October and will discontinue when basketball season starts, so take advantage while they are here! #BALLisLIFESTYLE

NOTE: We are offering a special discount for athletes wishing to participate in both session every weekend. Our walk-in price is $20 per session, package price is $60 for 4 sessions, but if you package both groups together for 4-weeks you get both Skills Sessions for just $100 total.


  • DAY: Every Weekend

  • TIME:

    • Saturday 12:00-1:00PM

    • Sunday 2:00-3:00PM

  • LOCATION: 1723 State Route 17A Florida, NY 10921

  • DURATION: Monthly

Missed classes may be made up during this time period at one of our open-to-the-public classes if you abide by GymRatz 24-hour cancellation policy. You must EMAIL or TEXT a minimum of 24-hours prior to the missed session to keep your credit!

All athletes who register acknowledge, accept and agree to GymRatz Participant Info & Liability Waiver. The form can be read, submitted and reviewed HERE.

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