Friday Basketball IQ Class (Kindergarten-3rd Grade BEGINNERS)


Friday Basketball IQ Class (Kindergarten-3rd Grade BEGINNERS)


Taking a more educational approach, GymRatz Basketball IQ Class is designed to enhance athlete's understanding of the game.  Everything from terminology and positions to offensive and defensive spacing and techniques, GymRatz Performance aims to develop not just superior skills, but superior basketball IQ as well.  Walk-ins are $20 per session or contact GymRatz at 845-649-3818 to pre-register and save! This class is a part of our YEAR-ROUND schedule and will continue next month as well! #BALLisLIFESTYLE

NOTE: This class is designed for beginners. More experienced athletes at this age should contact us about our Rising Stars class.   

  • DAY: Every Friday

  • TIME: 5:00-6:00PM

  • LOCATION: 1723 State Route 17A Florida, NY 10921

  • DURATION: Monthly

Missed classes may be made up during this time period at one of our open-to-the-public classes if you abide by GymRatz 24-hour cancellation policy. 

By registering for this class, session and/or clinic, I have read and agreed to GymRatz Participant Info & Liability Waiver, located at

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