Wednesday Guard Class (5th Grade+) NOVEMBER REGISTRATION

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Wednesday Guard Class (5th Grade+) NOVEMBER REGISTRATION

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EVERY WEDNESDAY join GymRatz as we begin our position-specific classes in preparation for the '18-19 basketball season. Areas of focus throughout this series will include the following:

  • Passing

  • Reading help defense & decision making

  • Transition and half-court finishing

  • Moving without the ball

  • Utlizing screens

  • Different cuts to get open

  • Shooting off the catch & dribble and more!

GymRatz Guard Class is a must for every athlete looking to play the guard position this upcoming season! This class is a part of our SEASONAL schedule and will continue next month as well! #BALLisLIFESTYLE

  • DAY: Every Wednesday (begins October 3rd)

  • TIME: 7:00-8:00PM

  • LOCATION: 1723 State Route 17A Florida, NY 10921

  • DURATION: Monthly (price reflects 4 sessions)

  • CAP: Class is capped at 15 athletes.*

    *If the class does not fill-up during pre-registration, it will remain open for walk-ins and we cannot guarantee the cap will be maintained. Once we have 15 athletes that commit to the month, we will close down registration and no longer accept walk-ins. The description will indicate “SOLD OUT” once the class is full. If the description does NOT indicate “SOLD OUT” then we are still accepting walk-ins.

Missed classes may be made up during this time period at one of our open-to-the-public classes if you abide by GymRatz 24-hour cancellation policy. By registering for any of our classes and/or services, you acknowledge that you have read, filled out and agreed to GymRatz Participant Info & Liability Waiver, which can be found on our website at

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