Friday Back-to-the-Basket Class (5th Grade+)

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Friday Back-to-the-Basket Class (5th Grade+)

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EVERY FRIDAY join GymRatz as we begin our position-specific classes in preparation for the '18-19 basketball season. This class is designed for Bigs, Forwards, AND Guards; areas of focus throughout GymRatz Back-to-the-Basket Series will include the following:

  • Establishing Position on the block & perimeter utilizing your body

  • Reading your defender, help defense & decision making

  • Reacting to double-teams

  • Setting screens & movements after the screen

  • Running the floor in transition

  • Defending & Rebounding

  • Ball Handling & extending the floor

  • Identifying and creating mismatches

GymRatz Back-to-the-Basket Class is a must for every athlete and every position. Bigs need to learn to spread the floor in today’s game while Guards need to learn to identify mismatch opportunities and slow the game down by utilizing their body. This class is a part of our SEASONAL schedule and will continue next month as well! #BALLisLIFESTYLE

  • DAY: Every Friday (begins September 7th)

  • TIME: 7:00-8:00PM

  • LOCATION: 1723 State Route 17A Florida, NY 10921

  • DURATION: Monthly (price reflects 4 sessions)

  • CAP: Class is capped at 15 athletes.*

    *If the class does not fill-up during pre-registration, it will remain open for walk-ins and we cannot guarantee the cap will be maintained. Once we have 15 athletes that commit to the month, we will close down registration and no longer accept walk-ins. The class description will indicate “SOLD OUT” once the class is full. If it does NOT say “SOLD OUT” then we are still accepting walk-ins!

Missed classes may be made up during this time period at one of our open-to-the-public classes if you abide by GymRatz 24-hour cancellation policy. By registering for any of our classes and/or services, you acknowledge that you have read, filled out and agreed to GymRatz Participant Info & Liability Waiver, which can be found on our website at

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