"Forward Innovation Training"

GymRatz Basketball Performance developed this Training Progression Model in order to provide a clear and concise training methodology that translates to on-the-court performance.  By following this progression, athletes will not only become more skilled, but their court awareness, basketball IQ and ability to react in pressure situations will all be enhanced as well.



Fundamental Breakdown

During this phase, we will explain and demonstrate the move, movement, and/or concept.  Footwork, hand placement, ball placement, court vision, and speed(s) will be discussed, demonstrated, and practiced step-by-step.


Once all questions are answered and the player has the basic knowledge of the skill, we rep the correct fundamental principles until the player can perform the movement full-speed. Footwork, eye, hand, and ball placement, and speed(s) must be performed correctly here. If the player continues to struggle, we back-up to FUNDAMENTAL BREAKDOWN and start step-by-step again until the skill is done game-speed. There is no set number of repetitions that the player must perform before moving on. Everything must be correct before progressing on to the next phase.


The player can perform the skill correctly now at game-speed during this phase. The coach will now apply defensive pressure and implement a "timing" aspect to the drill. The player knows how the coach will be playing him/her, however, he/she must react accordingly to the coach's defensive pressure. This, again, is repeated over and over until the player begins consistently reacting at the correct moment. At this point, we offer counter options to the move. These options are FUNDAMENTALLY BROKEN DOWN, REPEATED INTENSELY, and then performed against a specific defensive movement until the player can react consistently and full-speed, 


Now the player has the concept of the move along with the ability to perform the individual and counter moves properly and at game speed with defensive pressure. During this phase, the coach will no longer let the player know the defensive read. It's now "live". Starting with the very first move, the player will react according to the defensive pressure. This again is repeated over and over, until he/she is consistently making the correct decision, reaction, and counter appropriate to their defender's movements. At this point, the player is encouraged to attempt the move during a practice or scrimmage as he/she should have the confidence to perform the move successfully.