13U New York Ratz Schedule & Gym Location:

GymRatz Basketball Center 1723 State Route 17A, Florida, NY 10921


Practice Schedule

Tuesday 6:30-8:00PM @ GymRatz Basketball Center

Friday 6:00-7:30PM @ GymRatz Basketball Center

*Saturday Conditioning 8:00-10:00AM @ GymRatz Basketball Center

*Voluntary conditioning workouts.  These workouts are NOT mandatory but are highly recommended and encouraged. 

Tournament Schedule

September 30th: Newark Academy/Coastal Sports
October 8th: Joseph Lawrence Sports Center/Ramapo College
October 21st: Newark Academy/Coastal Sports
November 5th: Ramapo College


*Note: Exact times and locations for tournaments do not get finalized until the Thursday before the tournament weekend.  An email and/or text will be sent from your coach with the tournament schedule as soon as it is finalized. Please note that due to the nature of AAU, tournament dates and locations are subject to change.